My Friday the 13th in Photos

Hello, I am writing this from the past (it is Thursday). I know I probably won't blog today (Friday), mainly because I am not bringing my laptop with me this weekend, in an act of freedom, I guess?

I have pre-worked all my work through Monday, when I am scheduled to back home, so logistically, I can just chill the whole weekend. 

My brain was telling me to bring the laptop anyways, just in case. But in case of what? I asked it and it could not answer, so I am not bringing it. 

So I pre-wrote this nonsense so I could just dump a bunch of photos from my Friday adventures into this post. 

I can't wait til we update this site so I can do a proper photo gallery. 

Here is how I spent my Friday the 13th:

(I have all the artist names and stuff. I'll add them when I am next at a laptop) 

Tomorrow is the inspection. Wish us luck!! 

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