Background Noise TV

I work from home 100% of the time now and that has left a lot of room in my brain for "background noise." At first I filled it with things I'd been wanting to see that my partner had zero interest in, to kind of check them offa my list or whatever. 

Yeah, I had a pretty big Downton Abbey phase. It was fun, but not really... ground-breaking, you know? I was a big fan of Daisy though and rooted on her the ENTIRE time. 

When my partner left out of town for a long business trip, I switched things up a bit and started watching RuPaul's Drag Race for the very first time. Hoo boy did I love that right away. I've always been a fan of competition-based reality TV and this was no exception. 

It just hit right. Ru is able to showcase this artform in a respectful and, most importantly, FUN way and I got to meet so many interesting characters (looking at YOU, Max!!!!!) I am sure I'm gonna be rewatching it all soon and will be back here to babble about it. 

After that jaunt, I got the bright idea to bust out my DVD copy of the best reality TV show in the history of time, THE MOLE. (which also held up and I will be yelling about here pretty soon, just be patient, my brain is bouncy)

And that sent me on a nostalgia trip that I am honestly already excited to take again, started with the Mole, then took a trip down Season 1 and Season 2 of Project Runway and then... AND THEN, Top Chef. 

I love Top Chef. I've been to Top Chef restaurants so many times. I am 100% a fan girl. Gimme that Blais. Gimme that Jaime Lauren. Gimme all of them. Yes, even Marcel. (I actually love Marcel but that's a blog for a different day.)

I finished all of Top Chef yesterday and found myself lost. What next? I wanted more food, and loved competition and remembered my kid and I loving Hell's Kitchen so much when she was young that she wrote Gordon Ramsay a letter inviting him to dinner... and HE RESPONDED. 

I did not find episode 1 enjoyable, so I did not continue. Instead I decided I want Bourdain feels and went on a hunt of all the dang streaming services out there. I landed on "A Chef's Tour" which is on IMDBTV on Amazon Prime and even better than I remembered. 

Maybe I will talk Bourdain tomorrow? Maybe I will need to rant about why P-Valley is the best show in such a long time. Or maybe why Brockmire shows the best character growth of any show in history? Who knows. Definitely not me. 

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